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Services Provided To Students in the College of Health Related Professions, College of Nursing & School of Public Health

Students arrive at Downstate with great potential and expect to be academically successful. However, they often discover that to be successful they must alter their old learning strategies and perspectives. Compared with their prior academic experiences, students at Downstate are asked to learn more in less time. So, for many students, success will result only when they commit to rethinking and revising the study strategies that may have served them well in the past.

The Office of Academic Development helps students break out of the strategy rut in which they may find themselves. It helps them to rethink how they are studying and to develop new learning strategies that are both efficient and effective. How to study is perhaps the most neglected conversation in education. The Office of Academic Development offers students an opportunity to have such a conversation. The Office of Academic Development works closely with both students as well as faculty, and offers the following services in both individual and group settings:

  • academic support and advice pertaining to study strategies and test taking
  • time management

Contact: Ms. Lotus Jones (718) 270-7552 or or Ms. Denise Scott (718) 270-7536.

Office Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday, 10–6 pm (earlier or later when necessary)

Office Location: HSEB Room 6-026