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Additional Services Provided To First Year Medical Students

  • Gross Anatomy lab reviews, in which groups of 10 or fewer students work with upperclass medical students, are available every one or more weeks, depending upon the frequency of occurrence of anatomy labs. These reviews are designed to be interactive and to encourage group study.
  • Gross Anatomy mock practicals are offered four times each year, prior to practical examinations.  These are set up and administered by upperclass medical students.
  • Histology lab reviews are available to students during and especially at the end of each block, prior to practical examinations. The frequency of reviews depends upon the frequency of occurrence of histology labs. These are given by upperclass medical and graduate students to groups of approximately 20 students.
  • Neuroanatomy lab reviews and mock practicals are available during the neuroscience block. They are given by medical and Ph.D. students, and by neurology residents.
  • Group reviews in lecture subject matter are offered. Typically 90 minutes long, these sessions, meet from once per week to as little or as often as seems effective. They are conducted by second- through fourth-year medical students, MD/Ph.D. students, and occasionally by residents. They are designed to be interactive and to encourage group study.