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Additional Services Provided To Second Year Medical Students

  • Pathology reviews begin during the Hematology/Oncology unit and meet a few times during each unit through the remainder of the year. As is the case for first-year students, these tutorials are designed to be interactive and encourage group study.
  • Step 1 preparation sessions meet weekly, from January to June, for about 90 minutes each. These tutorials are conducted by MS4 students. The Step 1 tutorials utilize board-style questions that pertain to the unit students are studying at the time.
  • A Step 1 Seminar is offered to second-year students who fail the Step 1 exam to assist them in preparing for the repeat exam. The seminar is facilitated by faculty, fourth-year students and Academic Development staff. Adjunct to the seminar, the Director meets with the individual students to assess their test-taking skills and monitor their preparations and readiness for their second attempts. A Step 1 Independent Study Course is also offered to students who cannot participate in the Seminar.