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Financial Aid News (Have You Heard)




May 21, 2012: Can your kid graduate college without debt? Fox News

May 21, 2012: How student loan debt will create a generation of renters, home buying institute

May 17, 2012: Student loans, is there really a crisis, Time

May 14, 2012: The student debt crisis is the biggest economic problem in America, Business insider

May 12, 2012: Degrees of Debt, NY Times

April 24, 2012: Student Loan Debt Crisis, Fox Buisness

February 8, 2012: As acceptance letters start trickling in, a look behind changes in college aid: Chicago Tribune

February 8, 2012: Are Student Loans the Next Debt Bomb?: US News and World Report

February 7, 2012: Student debt pushing more people toward bankruptcy, lawyers say: LA Times

February 2, 2012: Online Campaign Prompts Sallie Mae to Change Fee Policy for Loan Suspensions: NY Times

January 27, 2012: Obama Plan Links College Aid With Affordability: NY Times

November 29, 2011: Official Calls For Urgency On College Costs: Tamar Lewin NY Times

November 21, 2011: Debt by Degrees: James Surowiecki The New Yorker

November 18, 2011: Five Myths about Student Loans: Mark Kantrowitz: The Washington Post

November 15, 2011: Hedge Fund Investors Offer Student Loan Facts and Advice to College Students: Shannon Rasberry

November 6, 2011: Is student loan, education bubble next? : CBS News

November 2, 2011: College Graduates’ Debt Burden Grew, Yet Again, in 2010: Tamar Lewin NY Times

October 28, 2011: High Schools, Colleges Push Financial Literacy,: Education Week

October 27, 2011: Student Loans in America: The Economist

October 26, 2011: We Can't Wait to Help America's Graduates: President Obama

October 26, 2011: Clearing Up Some Confusion About the New Federal Student Loan Rules: Ron Lieber NY Times

October 19, 2011: College Has Been Oversold: Alex Tabarrok, Investors Business Daily

February 13, 2010: The $550,000 Student Loan Burden: Mary Pilon: The Wall Street Journal