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Room Expenses


The Financial Aid Office can allow room expenses for periods you are enrolled in school. If your enrollment is 10 months during the year, we can only allow for 10 months of room expenses. You may need to pay for 12 months of room expenses a year but we can not include those two months you are not enrolled in school as part of your educational expenses.

  • Plan wisely when budgeting your money.
  • Living in the dorm does not qualify a student for NYS tuition rates.
  • We strongly advise students to consider the least expensive options of living arrangements while attending school.

The SUNY Downstate Residence Hall

SUNY Downstate has a Residence Hall students may live in while attending school. You may find information about the Residence Hall at the Office of Residential Life and Services Office and web site.

Many students find the Residence Hall a economical alternative to off campus housing. The Residence Hall offers convenience to university resources, living with other SUNY Downstate students, while being run by a friendly and professional staff. .

* This is an estimate of what you might spend in the Residence Hall. For Actual charges you should consult with the Office of Residential Life and Services Office. As of 2011-12 for a Standard room double occupancy the rate for the Summer was (6-1 to 8-31) $1,343, for the Fall (9-1 to 12-31) $1,781, and the Spring term (1-1 to 5-31) $2,025 for a total cost of $5,329 for the year.


Private Apartment Rentals

SUNY Downstate is located in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has a wealth of apartments which a student may consider renting. Many apartments are rented though real estate agencies and often require brokers fee, first, and last months rent as a condition of renting an apartment. Leases will be at least 12 months in length which may be longer then the period you are enrolled in school. The Financial Aid Office will not recommend any off campus housing or real estate agency to search for off campus housing.

SUNY Downstate uses a figure of $870 per month in estimating off campus housing for the time period a student is enrolled in school.

We recommend that students consider sharing apartments to reduce costs while attending school and thus reduce their loan borrowing.

Average Brooklyn Rents during the last 12 Months

1 Bed

2 Beds







* This is an estimate of what you might spend on rent. In this case using shared costs of $870 for a 2 bedroom apartment a students expense for the year may be $10,500. If you are enrolled in a four year program that cost would go to $42,000. If a student decided to NOT share and rent an apartment alone at a rate of $1,400 per month, the yearly expense would be $16,800 and the four year expense would be $67,200. That would be $25,000 more to live alone rather then share an apartment.


What is more economical?

The SUNY Downstate Residence Hall wins hands down. If you share an apartment it would average $10,500 for the year, while sharing a Standard residence hall room would cost $5,329. That is a savings of $5,171 not including the savings on transportation, no brokers fee, and other apartments costs like utilities. Project that over four years and living in the residence hall can save you money.