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Costs of Attendance: PhD and MD/PhD 2013–2014

Full-time students (both PhD and MD/PhD candidates) receive financial support in the form of a full tuition scholarship and a graduate assistantship. For details inquire with the School of Graduate Studies.

We have made every effort to use realistic estimated costs as we prepared the budget. There are expenses such as credit card bills, car payments, and other non school related expenses that Can Not be taken into account when creating a Financial Aid Budget. When considering the budget below you need to consider your expenses and create a budget to reflect your actual expenses. The budget below is a framework for a individual budget.

Direct Costs: These are costs payable directly to the school such as tuition & fees. If a student stays in the dorm then that would be a charge also payable to the school. A student considering living in the dorm should consult Residential Life & Services for the most up to date information on costs.

Indirect Costs: These are costs you are likely to incur while attending school but are not paid directly to the school.

* As you review the budget below and you have concerns that you have unusual school related expenses that go beyond or are not reflected below you may come to the Office of Financial Aid and consult with the staff about those concerns. You should bring receipts to show the actual amounts paid so we may determine how and if they may be taken into consideration.

12 Months Attendance Tuition, Fees, and Indirect Costs
Tuition (NYS Resident) $0 $0 Direct Costs
Fees $535 $535  
Books & Supplies $1,978 $1,978 Indirect Costs
Room & Board $13,824 $15,864  
Miscellaneous $2,500 $2,500  
Travel $1,300 $1,300  
Total $20,137 $22,177  


* NYS Tuition Levels

* All indirect expenses are estimated.