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PLEASE read ALL of the following instructions.

  1. Did you receive login instructions?
    Prior to matriculation, new students will receive an email from Admissions when their account has been created. Residents or other staff will also receive an email or printed document with basic information. Until you receive this information, your account has likely not yet been created.
  2. Check that you are using the correct username.
    • The username for students is their nine-digit Downstate student ID number (SID, like '201398765').
    • Faculty, residents and other employees use 'firstname.lastname' (no spaces or capital letters) as your username.
  3. Check that your correct username/password works for campus authentication by logging on to email.
    For almost all users, Prime is set check your login against your Downstate Lotus Notes email account. Multiple different usernames are allowed with email, but only one of these will work with Prime. Sometimes that username has not been 'added' to your email account. Identify whether the problem is in your authentication by checking whether you can log into email with the right username. If you can log into email with the correct username, you should be able to log into Prime.
  4. Do you know your password?
    Another possible cause is the wrong password. Some employees who are not using their campus email may not realize when their password has expired or may not recall it.
  5. Try logging in with a different computer and/or a different web browser.
    Using login information saved in your web browser will eventual cause problems. There may be other issues related to the computer you are using; try using a different one. Only Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported for use with Prime; do not use Safari or Chrome.

If you follow these directions and still cannot log in, please contact the campus HelpDesk at (718) 270 4357. Be sure to identify your role (undergraduate student, hospital employee, etc) and whether you are seeking assistance with accessing Healthbridge hospital training or a course in one of the five colleges/schools.