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Application Review
for College of Nursing & SCHOOL of Health Professions

Initial Review

The Student Admissions Office will make an initial review of your application. Applications are reviewed in the order they are completed. Once completed, the Student Admissions Office will send notification by email to your email address as listed on your application, informing you of your current status. At that time, we may forward your application to the program for final review, and/or request additional information, or place your application on hold pending receipt of additional information and/or documents.

Request for Additional Information

The Student Admissions Office may request additional information to assist in the evaluation of your credentials. It is your responsibility to submit the requested information timely. Your checklist will indicate whether or not the item has been received. After the additional information is received, the Student Admissions Office, and/or the program will re-review your application.


Interview dates and times vary each year depending on the applicant pool and number of qualified, competitive ,and completed applications received. If you are chosen for an interview, the program will contact you with more details. Following your interview, it may take as long as 6-8 weeks before you are notified of your status. You will be notified of your admissions status via email.