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AMCAS Tips and Admissions FAQ’s

1. AMCAS Tip:
If you are currently enrolled or a recent graduate of a college on a quarter system and you did not list your spring quarter grades before you submitted your AMCAS application.
Recommendation: For faster processing, we recommend you include your spring quarter grades on your AMCAS application or submit a copy of your spring quarter grade report to
2. AMCAS Tip:
If you are currently enrolled in college and will be enrolled in course work for the fall semester, we recommend that you list your fall semester courses as “Current/Future” courses on your AMCAS application.
3. AMCAS Tip:
You thought you were going to take another MCAT exam in August, but you changed your mind.
Recommendation: Log back in the AMCAS application, go to the Standardized Test section, and change your response to “no” or to your new date. You will need to save your change and resubmit your application so the change will be available to us.
4. AMCAS Experience List:
How you complete the Experience List is very important. Make certain you complete the start and end dates, and the average hours/week. If your experience was for less than one week, state the number of day(s) in the Experience Description section. The Admissions Committee is interested in experiences that are “community service that is non-medical/clinical” as well as “community service – medical clinical.”
5. AMCAS Tip:
It is important how you list your courses. Make certain you list your course title in addition to the department and course number.
6. I would like to speak with the Dean/Director.
Send an email to and you will receive a reply from a staff member.
7. How will I be notified of my application status?
We communicate by email.
8. I would like to send an updated transcript and as well as activity updates. Should I do so as an e-mail attachment or as a hard copy?
We recommend that all applicants complete their AMCAS application completely, and very carefully. During the fall semester, you should only submit additional information if you are asked to do so by the Admissions Committee. During the spring semester, applicants who have been interviewed are encouraged to submit a copy of their fall semester grade report and any updates since they submitted their AMCAS application by email to Any grade reports should be submitted in PDF format, not as a scanned copy.
9. Can you apply if you are not a NYS resident?
10. How do I qualify for NYS residency for tuition purposes?
See the section titled, New York State Residency for Tuition and accompanying forms.
11. Do you accept international students?
Applications for international students are reviewed after USA citizens and permanent residents. The entering class has been filled before the review of any international students for the last twenty two years.
12. What is the average MCATs and GPA of the entering class?
Our MCAT’s and GPA’s have been at or above the national average of applicants entering medical school in the USA. See the website of the Association of American Medical Colleges’ for more detailed information.
13. How do I submit additional information?
Submit additional information only at the request of the Admissions Committee or if you have already been interviewed. All information should be sent via email to
14. I interviewed at Downstate. When can I expect to receive a final decision?
In general, the Admissions Committee will email you an update on your status 4–6 weeks following your interview. During the holiday season, the response time might be longer.
15. My application has been complete for some time now and I have not heard anything. What is the status of my application?
Applications are not reviewed in the order in which they are received. Some applications might not be reviewed until January. We thank you for your patience.
16. I applied last year and was not accepted and I would like to meet with someone to discuss my reapplication or reasons why I was not accepted?
We do not have sufficient staff to provide individual advisement appointments. Applicants who are not accepted for admission may send an email request during June – August for reapplication advisement.
17. My application is on hold for fall grades, does that mean that my application will not be reviewed?
If the Admissions Committee has requested your fall grades, your application will be re-reviewed after we have received your fall grade report (it is not necessary to send an official transcript at this time).
18. What does hold for spring consideration mean?
Hold for spring consideration before interview means the Admissions Committee will re-review your application after January 2.
19. I received a decision email stating that my application is on hold after interview. Is this an alternate list?
The Alternate list placement is decided in late May. Generally, an applicant is first placed on the Hold list to be eligible for consideration for the Alternate list.
20. I would like to send my interviewer a thank you letter. What is the best way to do that?
You may send an email to
21. My science courses are old; do I have to retake them?
While we do not have a time limit on course requirements, the Admissions Committee will consider the overall academic record of the applicant in their review. Applicants who have completed their science prerequisites a long time ago are advised to take recent and advanced science courses to update their knowledge.
22. I submitted my AMCAS application but have not received an invitation to complete a supplemental application. When will I receive it?
An email with a link to our Supplemental Application (secondary) is sent to you when we receive your AMCAS application.
23. Where I can pay the online fee for my application?
You will be directed to the payment page for the processing fee when you complete the Supplemental Application (secondary).
24. I was only required to take 1 semester of general chemistry but I also took a semester of biochemistry. Can I use the biochemistry class to fulfill my general chemistry requirement?
You may list this on your Supplemental Application and the Admissions Committee will review your listed chemistry course work and make a determination. You are advised to submit information about atypical science course sequences or individual sequence information.
25. I am completing the supplemental application and am filling in the information about courses, but the labs had their own grades, credit hours and course numbers even though they were part of the course. How should I include them?
You are able to list your separate laboratory courses in addition to your lecture courses on our Supplemental Application.
26. Do you accept transfers from medical student outside of the USA?
We accept transfer applications only from second year medical students who are currently enrolled in an LCME accredited medical school. Transfer Applications are made available only in December of each year. At that time, we project what we anticipate will be the number of available openings in the summer. However, the final determination of available openings (if any) is not made until February. The website is updated to reflect current information, so this is your source for the most current information.