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Advanced Certificate Program: Nursing Education

Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education is offered as a hybrid, 12-credit program designed to prepare registered nurses with masters or doctoral degrees for educational roles in academic clinical and community settings. The program provides specialized nursing education knowledge and skills in the theoretical and scientific foundations of teaching and learning; the design of evidence-based curricula; assessment and evaluation; and inter-professional education and technology. Students will have the opportunity to participate in planned practice experiences in both the academic and clinical settings, as well as preparation to become leaders and change agents within nursing education and practice.

Upon completion of the certificate, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze the theoretical and scientific knowledge bases of teaching and learning.
  2. Compare and contrast various nurse educator roles in academia, healthcare organizations, and the community.
  3. Create innovative proposals for education programs using theoretical and scientific knowledge.
  4. Design teaching and learning activities appropriate to diverse groups and settings.
  5. Use a variety of teaching methods and technology aligned with intended learning outcomes, teacher and student characteristics, and the educational and healthcare environments.
  6. Apply the evaluation components of a complex, comprehensive program.
  7. Implement a strategic quality improvement process for a nursing education program.