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Advanced Certificate Program: Nursing Education

Timeline to Apply


Please note: to prepare yourself for becoming the best possible candidate for admission, please refer to the timeline below so that your application for admission is submitted in timely fashion and as complete as possible. This example timeline is designed to accommodate those who are new to a program of study.  Please refer to our website for all Programs of Study information, including current deadlines.

One Year Prior to Matriculation

August - January ( Summer Start)

August - May ( Fall Start)


August – April (summer Start)

August - August ( Fall Start)

  • Be sure all supporting documentation has been submitted
  • Submit all final transcripts from fall and/or winter terms to Student Admissions

January – March

Sample Schedule

Calendar Graduate Nursing
Semester One: Summer  Theoretical & Scientific Bases of Nursing Education & the Educator Role
Designing Evidence -Based, Transformational, Integrated Curricula
Semester Two: Fall  Facilitating Student Learning: Strategies & Methods
Assessment and Evaluation: From Individual to Program