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Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program

Applications for this program opens up in August and the program matriculates in the Fall of the following year.

Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Diagnostic medical sonography is one of the fastest growing diagnostic fields. It is used in nearly every medical specialty and in every type of medical care setting. The technology uses a noninvasive, painless, and acceptably safe energy source — high frequency sound — to obtain detailed and dynamic images of the organs within the body. Medical sonographers must have extensive knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology, physics, and the medical and biological sciences.

The program is a two-year, upper-division college program leading to the bachelor of science degree. The SUNY Downstate Program in Diagnostic Medical Imaging was the first in the United States to offer a bachelor of science degree with a major in diagnostic medical sonography.

The curriculum integrates the basic and medical sciences with sonography courses, giving students a comprehensive academic base which is then applied to lab experiences throughout the New York area.

Specialty areas taught include obstetrics-gynecology, abdomen, cardiology, as well as duplex Doppler vascular imaging, neurosonography, and courses in new applications.