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Student Comments

Physician Assistant Program

Describe and/or list a few reasons why you chose to attend SUNY Downstate for your education.

Location, relatively low tuition, school's great reputation.”

Heard good things from doctors and other people.”

State university, student population diversity, proximity.”

Reputation, dedication to community, program setup.”

Diverse ethnicities, good program.”

Quality of education, ethnic variety, variety of facilities for health practice.”

Access to advice from former students.”

Great program.”

Great school with great hospital, hands on education.”

Good clinical exposure, cheap tuition, close to home.”

Offers everything I was seeking for in an education.”

Strong programs.”

Program duration.”

Best lab, great PA program.”

Reputation, a mentor is part of the faculty, option of choosing rotation.”

Well known for good integrity, efficient education system.”

Location, excellent background of health profession.”

School that prepares me best for being a PA.”

Reputation, program focused on needs of community, great feedback about faculty and program from previous students.”

Diversity, opportunity to pursue my dream.”

Affiliated with many hospitals.”

Most organized program within a major medical institution.”

Good reputation in PA education, vast amount of community service opportunities.”