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Payment Plan Information


Who can enroll? Any student/Authorized Payer can enroll in the Installment Payment Plan.


  • Enrollment in the Installment Payment Plan can only be completed online after logging into Banner Self Service.
  • The Budget amount is calculated on the balance due after all student aid has been reflected on the semester bill. No form of student aid (including External Awards, i.e., outside scholarships) can be used to satisfy the required installment payment.
  • Students/ Authorized Payers enrolling in the Installment Payment Plan must pay with either a credit card or an eCheck.
IMPORTANT: Non- compliance with the Installment Payment Plan Agreement(non-payment, returned payments, etc) will result in the removal from the Installment Payment Plan for the current term, (all open balances will be due immediately) ;and will dis-allow enrollment in the Installment payment plan for future semesters.

Additional fees 

  • $25 non-refundable enrollment fee
  • $10 late fee

Summer Session Payment Plan

Installment(s) Due Date
Open enrollment for Summer 2019 payment plan start date: 4 Installments April 24, 2019
1st Installment Due May. 19, 2019
2nd Installment Due Jun. 19,  2019
3rd Installment Due Jul. 19, 2019
4th Installment Due Aug. 9, 2019
Enrollment for Summer 2019 payment plan closes Jun. 17, 2019

Fall Session Payment Plan

Installment(s) Due Date
Open enrollment for Fall 2019 payment plan start date: 5 installments June 6, 2019
1st Installment Due Jul. 19, 2019
2nd Installment Due Aug. 19, 2019
3rd Installment Due Sep. 19, 2019
4th Installment Due Oct. 19, 2019
5th Installment Due Nov. 19, 2019
Enrollment for Fall 2019 payment plan closes October 1, 2019