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Mentoring is defined as “a deliberate pairing of a more skilled or more experienced person with a less experienced one, with the mutual agreed goal of having the less skilled person grow and develop specific competencies.” (Source: Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring, by Margo Murray, 2001)

Program Overview

Our Mentoring Program is a professional development opportunity for current medical students. This opportunity is especially important in assisting students to rise to their potential and become more informed about opportunities in their field of interest. Participation in the program is voluntary. A student seeking a mentoring experience will be paired by the Office of Diversity Education & Research with a physician offering to share their knowledge and experience.

Resources and Support

The Office of Diversity Education & Research will host events to assist with the interaction between the mentor and his/her mentee(s). The Associate Dean will serve as the liaison throughout the mentoring relationship to assist the mentor and mentee(s) in achieving the desired outcome.

Mentor with mentees