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Regents Health Care Scholarship for Medicine and Dentistry

These awards provide up to $10,000 per year based upon income, for up to four years of study for students beginning or already enrolled in an approved program of study in medicine or dentistry in New York State. To be eligible for an award, students must be:

  • United States citizens, permanent residents, or selected refugees approved by the Attorney General of the United States;
  • Legal residents of New York State for at least one year immediately preceding the effective date of the award;
  • Enrolled in or be a candidate for admission to an approved medical or dental school in New York State; and
  • Economically disadvantaged and/or a member of a minority group historically under-represented in the professions (i.e. Black, Hispanic, Native American, or Alaskan Native).
  • Applications are available in January of the competition year.
  • Recipients must agree to practice in an area or facility within New York designated by the New York State Board of Regents.
  • Recipients must also agree to serve 12 months for each annual payment received. For further details please visit their web site.