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Entrance/Exit Interview Process for Loan Recipients

The Financial Aid Office is required to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a Stafford Loan borrower. As an incoming student, first time Stafford Loan borrower you must complete an Entrance counseling session prior to the receipt of any loan proceeds. Prior to graduating, if you have borrowed a Stafford student loan while attending SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, you are required to complete a loan Exit counseling session before you take a leave of absence or graduation.

Why Is Counseling Important?

  • Helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower
  • It helps you make the right choices by providing loan information and how to manage your educational costs
  • It is a Federal requirement that all loan recipients must complete before funds are disbursed

Exit Counseling

Please select the appropriate step below to receive more information and to begin the process:

Bursar's Office

Students who have borrowed through campus-based loan programs (Perkins, PCL, LDS, & NSL) are required to complete the entrance/exit interview process with the Bursar's Office. If you have not heard from the Bursar's Office by the end of March, or you will not be on campus during the spring semester, call (718) 270-1124 to arrange for an appointment.