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Federal Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you are a student to receive financial aid, regulations require that you maintain satisfactory academic progress toward a degree. The Satisfactory academic progress policy must include a qualitative and quantitative measure of the student's progress. The qualitative measure must establish a minimum grade point index standard. The quantitative measure must establish a maximum time frame for you to complete your program and a minimum number of credits you must satisfactorily complete each year. The Office of Financial Aid will review your academic records at the end of each semester. The following is a description of the qualitative and quantitative requirements of SUNY Downstate Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.


It is required that students who have attended for a period of two academic years of undergraduate study maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Therefore, all Downstate students receiving aid must maintain a 2.0 GPA.


  • A maximum time frame applies, which prevents a student from receiving aid for attendance that extends beyond 150% of the normal time frame for completion of a program.
  • To meet the limits defined in #1, all students must complete 67% of hours attempted.
  • An incremental review must be completed each year, which assures that the student will be able to finish within the maximum time frame.