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Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility: College of Health Related Professions

I. Introduction

Federal and State regulations require that all students receiving financial aid, including all federal and state aid, must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

II. Policy

All students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to continue in their chosen major, but also to maintain financial aid eligibility. Your academic standing will evaluated at the end of each spring term.

III. Satisfactory Academic Progress

Failure to meet these requirements may result in the suspension of financial aid:

  1. Must maintain a cumulative grade point average of:
    1. 2.0 (DMI Program),
    2. 2.5 (BS component of the PT curriculum and the PA curriculum)
    3. 3.0 (graduate).
  2. Must successfully complete at least 75% of all credit hours attempted at SUNY Downstate.
  3. In addition to the above GPA and completion rate requirements, all students must complete their programs of study by attempting no more than 150% of the hours normally required for completion. For example, if a program of study is normally completed with 120 credit hours, financial aid eligibility will be suspended once a student has attempted 180 credit hours or more.
  4. Maximum enrollment period to complete your degree is 5 years.
  5. Any student whose aid eligibility is suspended for failure to meet satisfactory academic progress standards has the right to submit a written appeal, if there are mitigating circumstances.

IV. 1st Appeal of Financial Aid suspension

Please note, being permitted to continue your studies by the Educational Policy Committee does not automatically reinstate your Financial Aid eligibility.

Students who fail to meet the SAP requirements listed above may apply for a one time waiver to re-establish eligibility for Federal aid. At the end of the Spring term, your SAP status will be re-evaluated.

In order to qualify for this one time only waiver, the student must submit the following forms:

  1. Submit a signed Financial aid waiver for SAP probation form.
  2. The student must write a letter that describes the reasons for the failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

A financial aid hold will be placed on the student’s account until the forms are received. Failure to submit the forms will result in the suspension of the student’s financial aid.

V. Subsequent Appeal(s) of Financial Aid suspension

A student whose aid has been suspended due to a failure to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, after having previously received a waiver, may appeal the denial on the basis of circumstances beyond his or her control. The appeal must be made in writing and must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. An appeals form must be completed.
  2. The student must write a letter that describes the reasons for the failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  3. The student must provide documentation supporting the reasons for the appeal (e.g., a doctor’s statement regarding medical reasons).

The appeal must arrive at the Office of Financial Aid no later than the end of the first week of class. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review the appeal and will send a written decision to the student within two weeks of receiving the appeal.

VI. Reinstatement of Financial Aid

If your SAP appeal is approved you will be placed on financial aid probation until the end of the Spring term at which point your SAP status will be reviewed.

Other forms of aid, such as State aid or scholarships, may not permit reinstatement.