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Job Title Teaching Assistant
Description A Teaching Assistant for Principles of Research Methodology (MEDI N135) to assist with tracking student class attendance; maintaining course site, including posting assignments, notes and instructional materials; coordinating lecturers' schedules; and recording podcasts. 
Pay $15
Max hours per week 10
Start Date 07/15/19 ( to 12/31/19) 
Required Skills

Bachelor's degree or higher

Resume is required


BSB 5-98

# of positions 2
Job Title Research
Description The student will observe and participate in clinical research and assist staff in collecting and entering data. Opportunity for patient interaction.
Pay $15
Max hours per week 20
Start Date 07/01/18
Required Skills All students may apply
Contact Maryann Banerji
(917) 613-1294
Contact: Necole Brown (917) 238-6484"
# of positions Open
Job Title Research Assistant
Description Assisting in various aspects of the research including chart preparation, typesetting, data collection and data entry.
Pay $15
Max hours per week 20
Start Date 07/01/18
Required Skills Must be Medical Student
Contact Samy McFarlane

# of positions 4