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Living Off-Campus

Off campus accomodations

The Office of Residential Life and Services provides interested students and staff with off-campus housing information as a service. SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University employees do not inspect, approve/supervise any off-campus premises. The SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University does not become a party to any private landlord-tenant matters. Students and staff wishing to obtain our current off-campus housing list can do so in person at our office located at 811 New York Avenue.

We encourage you to use care when considering rental properties. We recommend only renting properties that have passed a safety inspection by a New York State certified inspector within the last three years. Many off-campus apartments do not meet these minimum standards. Please use caution if you are searching on your own.

When planning to live off-campus? Consider the following:

  1. Consider ALL of your costs: When you live off-campus, rent is just one of many costs. Additional expenses may include:
    1. Utilities (gas, electric, oil, water)
    2. Laundry
    3. Telephone
    4. Cable, satellite, or streaming television service(s)
    5. Internet Access
    6. Furniture
    7. Appliances
    8. Household goods (pots and pans, light bulbs, etc.)
    9. Sewer service
    10. Garbage pick-up
    11. Renters insurance
  1. Inspect your off-campus apartment
  2. Read your lease carefully before you sign
  3. Get renters insurance
  4. Be safe and connect with the campus-community!

Off-Campus Landlords wishing to list vacant apartments can Download an off-campus housing application or call (718) 270-1466 for off-campus housing information.