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Guests and Visiting Students

The Residence Halls

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University maintains two residential facilities for full-time students in the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, School of Health Professions (SOHP) and the Graduate School. The Office of Residential Life and Services may provide temporary housing for eligible members of the faculty, staff, and visiting students.

These facilities, located on the Downstate Health Sciences University Campus, have traditional residence hall and apartment style units available for student occupancy. There are rooms available for use by transient guests. Professional managers, Resident Directors, Resident Assistants and Public Safety personnel staff the facilities.

Transient Guests Eligibility Requirements

A transient guest will be eligible for on-campus housing under the following conditions:

  1. They are associated with the Downstate Health Sciences University in a direct capacity. This includes full-time employees, or guests sponsored by a department.
  2. There are guest rooms available.
  3. If there are no guest rooms available and there are student apartments available and no full-time students on the waiting list for housing.

Housing Options

Studio Apartments

Either single/double occupancy. Each apartment contains a bathroom and kitchenette unit.

Standard Rooms

Either single/double occupancy.

This room does not have a kitchenette. A toilet/vanity is shared with the adjoining room. A common shower room is located on the same floor and is shared with other residents on the floor.

All rooms and apartments are furnished with a bed, desk, dresser and closet per occupant. Each residence hall has a laundry room in the basement.

Requests for Accommodations

September 1 to May 31

Eligible Transient Guest applicants must comply with the procedures outlined below:

  1. Submit a Transient Guest Housing Application to the Office of Residential Life and Services at least 6 weeks before the date that you wish to check-in. If you do not have an application, you may obtain one by calling the Office of Residential Life and Services at (718) 270-1466.
  2. Forward to the Office of Residential Life and Services all documentation that supports your eligibility for on-campus housing. This may include a copy of your appointment papers or a letter from your sponsoring department.

Housing is not guaranteed to all applicants. Assignments will be made on a space available basis in the order of the date the application was received. Transient guests will only be accommodated for the time specified in their Confirmation Packet.

Transient Guest Rates

Listed below are the residence hall rates for transient guests.

Updated May 13, 2019
Occupancy Level Daily Weekly Monthly
Transient/Single $64.00 $404.00 $1,536.00 
Transient/Double $32.00 $202.00 $768.00 
Studio/Single $67.00 $422.00 $1,590.00
Studio/Double $33.00 $211.00 $795.00
Standard Single $56.00 $353.00 $1,344.00
Standard Double $28.00 $176.00 $672.00
Two-bedroom Apartment     $1,100.00

Residence Hall Council Activity Fee

Any transient guest staying one month will be required to pay the Residence Hall Council Activity Fee for one semester ($10). Any guest staying more than three months will be assessed the academic year charge ($20). Because this is a Student Activity Fee, this fee must be paid separately from the room charge. It can only be paid for in cash or check. Checks should be made payable to SAF 6821.

NOTE: Unless a Downstate Health Sciences University department covers your rental obligation, the entire rental payment indicated on the invoice included in your confirmation packet, is due at the time you check-in.

General Housing Information

  1. Pets are not permitted.
  2. Guests are not permitted to install air conditioners in their rooms or apartments. Residence hall apartments are not air-conditioned.
  3. Upon your arrival you will receive a resident student handbook which outlines the polices and procedures for residence hall living. All guests are expected to abide by the polices and procedures of the residence halls and Downstate Health Sciences University. Violations of police and procedure may result in the removal of the guest from the residence hall.


If you have any further questions, you may contact our office at the following:

Office of Residential Life and Services
811 New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098
Phone: (718) 270-1466
Fax: (718) 270-1467