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Welcome to the Residence Hall Council Being a student isn't easy

Patrick Flanagan

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Dear Fellow Residents,

My name is Patrick Flanagan and on behalf of the Residence Hall Council (RHC), I send our warmest welcomes and thank-yous! Thank you for choosing SUNY Downstate Residence Halls as your home during this journey. We know it will be one full of learning and rigor, but we are here to support you and mix in the excitement and ease into your journey.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe and convenient environment for you to thrive academically and personally. A small, yet essential question of many you need to ask yourself is “Where do I most comfortably study?” The Residence Halls will offer you several study spaces to experiment with outside of the comfort of your own room. From our computer lab, 24-hour study lounges, our main lounges of each building and on each floor you will have a handful of options available to you before you even cross the street. In addition, you can find our staff available to help you and answer any questions you may have during business hours and during non-business hours we have our Resident Directors and Resident Assistants, whom are students just like you, a phone call away. The Residence Hall Council and Residential Life Staff are just some of the many students who you can reach out to ask about any number of these essential questions you will form as you begin your journey. Some of the facilities we also offer are — 24- hour security, quiet 24-hour study lounges in each building equip with computers, comfortable furniture, common areas on every floor equip with comfortable furniture conducive to group studying and friendly gatherings, 24-hour laundry facilities, TV’s in the lobby’s for group viewings, and more.

As a resident of the residence halls, you are a member RHC where you can amplify your ideas through myself and my team. We take your ideas and organize community events that allow you to engage in your hobbies, unwind after your studies and share this with your community. From playing pool, foosball, or air hockey here at the Residence Halls, to movie nights, game nights, arts and crafts, taco Tuesday, and trips off campus – we want you to create ties and friendships that will last a lifetime. We also provide opportunities for you to connect with Brooklyn through participation in blood drives, yearly service learning project, Halloween at the ResHalls, walks, and more.

RHC is here for you and we value your opinions — please be sure to join us every month at our RHC meetings and help us continue to make SUNY Downstate Residence Halls the best home for you. Your voice matters and your suggestions are heard. Become an active player as we grow together.

Warmest Regards,
Patrick Flanagan
2019-20 Residence Hall Council President

RHC meetings are held throughout the academic year, on the second Wednesday of every month, at 6:00 pm in the 825 Lobby.

The Downstate Residence Hall Council is a proud member of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls

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