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Student Affairs
  • Global Health Learning Opportunities
  • C.A.R.E. Career and Residency Exploration Program
  • Class of 2018 College of Medicine Students


About Us

The Office of Student Affairs serves as a general help and information office to students in all five colleges. If you have a question about the accuracy of what you’ve heard on the rumor grapevine, or do not know where to find something, stop by the Office of Student Affairs for general assistance or e-mail us at

The Office also serves as the Dean of Students' Office for the College of Medicine. More information is in the College of Medicine section of the current Student Handbook.

Class of 2017 College of Medicine Orientation Academic Life Rafts. Helpful information on where to get the support you need to succeed.



Appointments after 5 pm are available for students.

Weekly calendar


  • Basic Science Building, Room 114

Contact Us



  • (718) 270-7592


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