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Disabled Student Services

Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations for their academic program are required to complete the appropriate form prior to matriculation. The Office of Student Affairs coordinates arrangements for students with disabilities.

Students who wish to request accommodation(s) after they have matriculated into the college are required to complete the appropriate form available from the Office of Student Affairs.

Please note that accommodations may require time to process or to put in place.

College of Medicine - Disability Insurance

The College of Medicine provides for a Disability Insurance Policy for all students while enrolled in the College of Medicine. The policy provided is located here:

Registering to Vote

We encourage all eligible students to vote. If you would like assistance in completing a voter registration form, or if you would like a voter registration form, please come to the Office of Student Affairs (Room 1-112, BSB).

Additional information about voter registration in New York State, as well as PDF voter registration forms and Absentee voting forms is available from the New York State Board of Election.

Additional Resources: