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GHLO Home School

SUNY Downstate medical students going to an overseas GHLO medical school

Only senior year medical students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for a GHLO elective. GHLO electives are considered away (extramural) electives, and the limits on the number of weeks of away electives (if you take the minimum number of electives to graduate) do apply. GHLO electives are self-funded. You are responsible for paying for application fees, travel expenses, or any other items required by the host medical school. SUNY Downstate does not financially subsidize SUNY Downstate students to participate in GHLO electives at this time.

SUNY Downstate will not approve a SUNY Downstate student to take an overseas elective, including a GHLO elective, if the country is on the State Department warning or alerts list. Therefore, before you start browsing for an elective, you should check the US State Department website for the current list of travel warnings and travel alerts so you will know which areas are permissible to apply to for a GHLO elective.

Please note: If you are approved for a GHLO elective, but prior to the start of your elective, the country is placed on the travel warning or the travel alert list by the US State Department, your elective approval from SUNY Downstate will be rescinded.


Step 1: Go to the website (There is good general information about the GHLO program here)

Step 2: Click the link on the right near the top titled "Sign in to the GHLO Software"

Step 3: Click the link on the top right titled "Login/Register" and sign in with your AAMC login information
(A caveat is that prior to logging in to the GHLO software your AAMC account must be linked to your downstate email address. If your AAMC account is linked to another email account, you have to login at the AAMC home page and change your user email address under account settings)

Step 4: Fill in the GHLO profile information (You have to do this as it comes up first)

Step 5: Contact Ms. Sandra Mingo in the Office of the Registrar by email
( or go to the Office of the Registrar to ask questions.

Step 6: Peruse GHLO electives


SUNY Downstate students, who would like guidance about GHLO elective choices, may seek assistance from Dr. Jack DeHovitz. Email to request an appointment or to ask your question.

Post Elective

Part of the GHLO program is the sharing of your experience (the “learning opportunities” part of GHLO). SUNY Downstate GHLO students should plan on sharing their experience through the SUNY Downstate Global Health Club, although that may not be the only venue.