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Leaves of Absence: College of Health Related Professions

A leave of absence may be granted for up to one academic year.

  1. A request for a leave of absence should be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean (graduate) or Dean (undergraduate) of the College of Nursing. This letter must include the student's reason for requesting the leave of absence. The student will then meet with the Dean and, if the request is deemed appropriate, complete the Leave of Absence form. The student will then meet with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or designee to review any outstanding encumbrances. Any student with outstanding encumbrances is not entitled to have official transcripts sent and may be denied readmission. The student will receive notification of the decision from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.
  2. Incomplete grades remaining from the semester in which the leave was taken must be removed in accordance with item "d" under "Incomplete Grade Regulations".

If a student does not register for the semester, and no request for a Leave of Absence has been made and/or granted, the student is deemed to be "out of status."

  1. Students who wish to return after one semester "out of status" must file for a retroactive leave of absence.
  2. Nursing students who are "out of status" from the program more than one semester will be withdrawn after two semesters, by a Change of Status form being sent from the program to the Registrar.