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Student Center Programs

Student Faculty Show Thanksgiving Dinner Student Activities Fair

The Student Center has coordinated over 500 programs for the campus including; luncheons, movies, coffeehouses, barbecues, orientations, featured speakers, trainings, parties, dinners, breakfasts, musical entertainment, craft nights, campus wide Thanksgiving dinner, theme nights, ice cream socials, activity fairs, the AIDS quilt, and meetings. The Winter Ball, an annual dinner/dance, has consistently sold out and is the largest student event during the year.

Ten teams participate in this year’s Intramural Basketball Program.

Our Mini-Course Program offers over 30 courses which enroll over 450 participants each year. Offerings have included tango, scuba, yoga and swimming.

Orientation and Commencement are two of the major programs which are coordinated through the Department of Student Life and allow tremendous opportunities for student involvement.

Spring Fling
Ice Cream Day
Cake Decorating
Orientation Craft Night IM Basketball