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Student Center Reopening

FAQ about the gym reopening. We will be reviewing all practices every two weeks and will let you know of any changes.

What is opening now?

The Weight Room and Basketball Court will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting March 2. We are allowed to have 10 people in each space. Hours are Tuesday 8-5 and Thursday 10-7; and we must close for 1 hour each afternoon for cleaning. See the sign-up program for specifics.

What precautions are you taking for my safety during the pandemic?

We are following the state and city mandates for room capacity. The spaces will be thoroughly cleaned every day before we open and for an hour in the afternoon. Social distancing must be maintained at all times. All members must wear a mask at all times in the Student Center, with the only exception is while you are drinking from your water bottle.

Is the equipment clean?

Yes. We spray the whole room twice a day, but to take responsibility for your own safety, please use a wipe to clean the individual equipment before you use it.

Can I get a drink from a drinking fountain?

No. Drinking fountains are not allowed at this time, but we have swapped out two of our fountains with “bottle filling” fountains which are okay.

How do I sign up to work out?

We are using the program SignUpGenius, and will attach a link each week with the available time slots. To start, you will only be allowed to sign up for one one-hour slot each day. (That does not mean one slot in the Weight Room and one slot on the Basketball Court. One slot TOTAL.)

How does SignUpGenius work?

You will make need to make an account using a phone number and email account. PLEASE USE YOUR DOWNSTATE EMAIL! Once you have an account, you will be able click on the time/space. You will receive a confirmation email from SignUpGenius.

Do I have to have the daily wristband?

Yes. We do NOT have a temp-check station at the Student Center, so you will need to stop in at the 450 Clarkson or 395 Lenox Road entrances before you come in and get a wristband.

Do I need my ID/membership card?

Yes. For students, your ID is your membership card. Staff/faculty must bring ID and membership cards. When you arrive at the gym, you will show the guard upstairs your wristband and ID. You will not turn in your ID downstairs, you will just check in with the Desk Clerk. If you need any equipment such as light weights, basketball, clips, etc., request it as usual, and it will be given to you at the desk. Please also

check in and out with the attendant outside the weight room, who will be monitoring numbers, allowing people to change in the locker room as needed.

How long can I work out?

Time slots are by the hour. We will make an announcement to finish up your workout when there is 10 minutes until the end of the slot. We will make another announcement 5 minutes later.

Do I need to sign out when I leave?

Yes. Please check out with the attendant outside the weight room and again at the main desk when you are leaving the Student Center, and return any equipment you might have borrowed. This will allow us to let people from the next scheduled hour go downstairs.

If there are empty slots, can I sign up for an extra hour?

You can check at the desk at the end of an hour, and if there is an empty slot for the next hour, you can sign up. For example, if you are working out from 9-10, you can return to the desk at 9:55 to see if there is an opening in the 10-11 hour.

What if I miss my signed-up time?

Please let us know if you’re not going to make the time for which you have signed up. Call the desk: 718-270-2484. Members get three strikes to miss without notification, and then you will be unable to sign up again.

What if I am running late?

Again, please call us 718-270-2484 to let us know you’re coming. We won’t give your slot away, but your workout can not extend beyond the end of your allotted hour.

Can I start a basketball game with other members in the Court during my slot.

No. You can play HORSE (or PIG) or do free-throws, but you cannot compete face-to-face.

Are the locker rooms open?

Yes. You can change into/out of workout gear. Please do not wear scrubs to work out. Sadly we cannot allowing showering at this time.

Can I use the lockers?

Lockers at this time are for day use only. We are not starting new locker rentals at this time. If you have a pre-closure locker rental, you can certainly use your locker, but all other lockers will be clipped at the end of the day.

Why aren’t the showers open?

The State protocol for gyms do not allow for communal showers at this time, and we do not have staff to clean the two shower stalls in the ladies locker room.

Can I still rent a towel?

At this time, we do not have towels for rental, but we are looking into it.

Can I bring guests?

At this time, we are not allowing guests to come. We hope to amend this soon, but until we see the usage needs we are restricting sign-ups to students/members only.

When will the pool open?

We are working on some technical issues with the pool’s filtration. We are working to correct this and will open as soon as we can.

What is the status of my paid Faculty/Staff membership?

All memberships are still “on hold” as of March 13th last year. During this period of transition, you can use the facility using the proper sign-up protocols. Once we are open five days a week, we will calculate the exact number of months/days left on your membership. The process of distributing new membership cards has not be finalized, but we will keep you posted.

Please note: These protocols are as new to us as they are to you. We greatly appreciate your patience as we get used to them. Also, if you have any suggestions, please speak with or send an email to Schuyler Hooke or Adam Burgman.