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The Self-Assessment Quiz

1. Do you sometimes binge on alcohol or other drugs? (An alcohol "binge" is defined as having 5 or more drinks on any one occasion)
2. Do you avoid family or friends while you are using alcohol or other drugs?
3. Are you secretly irritated when family or friends discuss your use of alcohol or other drugs with you?
4. Do you sometimes feel guilty about your use of alcohol or other drugs?
5. Do you sometimes regret things you did or said while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?
6. Have you ever tried to cut down on your use of alcohol or other drugs?
7. Have you ever failed to keep promises made to yourself or others about controlling or cutting down on your use of alcohol or other drugs?
8. Do you feel low after indulging, and sometimes miss classes, clinical work, or appointments?
9. Do you need to use more and more alcohol or other drugs to get high or drunk?
10. Do you sometimes forget what you did or what happened while you were drinking?


If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, and you should seek help. Confidential help is available through the Substance Abuse Program for Students.

For further details call our recorded information line at (718) 270-4545.

You also may call the Student Counseling Service at (718) 270-7657.

If you prefer to go to directly off-campus, the following additional confidential resources are available:

  • For medical students and PA students, The Committee for Physicians' Health at (800) 338-1833
  • For Nursing and SOHP students who are already licenced by New York State, The Professional Assistance Program at (518) 473-6809.
  • For all other SOHP students (who are unlicensed), please use our on-campus resources.