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What You Can Do

Alternative to Disciplinary Action

Seeking help voluntarily through the Substance Abuse Program for Students is the alternative to the possibility of getting caught and/or arrested and facing expulsion from school.

The Substance Abuse Program for Students was designed to be an option which students may exercise if they feel they need help with an alcohol or other drug abuse problem.

We encourage all students with problems with alcohol or other drugs to use this Program.

There is no penalty for seeking help through this program.

All information shared with a Voluntary Consultant is strictly confidential, and will not be shared with anyone without the student's express written permission.

Remember that seeking help is the responsible thing to do!

Two Paths to Help

Assistance to students with alcohol or other drug problems is provided in two ways. First, any student can consult with one of the Voluntary Consultants approved by the SAC. These Voluntary Consultants are professionals with specific training in the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse disorders. In addition, there are several Student Consultants to whom the student may go for information. The Voluntary and/or Student Consultant to whom each individual student speaks are the only people who know the identity of the student seeking help. All information that is provided by any student is kept strictly confidential.

This is how it works:

Path 1

Students may contact a Voluntary Consultant directly or through any member of the SAC, including the Student Consultants. The student will be interviewed to assess the nature of the problem and suggest an appropriate course of action, which may include preventive education, self-help, and/or referral for out or in-patient treatment.

The Voluntary Consultant may follow-up with the student to assess whether the referral was satisfactory. If the student was not satisfied with the referral, the Voluntary Consultant will try to locate alternatives. The student may accept or reject any referral. There is no penalty to the student for not accepting any referral.

Path 2

The second way the Program works is through contact by a peer, or another person who knows a student who may have a substance abuse problem. If someone seeks assistance for a student, the Voluntary Consultant will provide information, and give advice on how to encourage the student to get help.


NOTE: The Student Counseling Service remains an on-campus alternative for students seeking confidential help for these or any other problems.