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Psychiatric Care and Psychological Counseling

A full-time Director of Psychological Counseling is available to see students at times and location convenient for the students. Consultation with a psychiatrist, if needed, can be arranged by either the SHS physicians or by the Director of Counseling. If consultation with or treatment by a psychiatrist is indicated, students will be assisted in selecting a psychiatrist who is considered most competent to deal with the specific problem. The cost of such therapy will be borne by the student and, to a certain extent, will be covered by the mandatory insurance policy offered by the school. Students not able to afford private therapy can be referred to the Kings County Hospital Mental Hygiene Clinic or other facilities.

For advice or care with regard to substance abuse, the Director of Psychological Counseling or the Director of the SHS may be contacted. The Director of Psychological Counseling maintains a list of approved programs to which students can be referred for treatment. Information brochures will be available in the SHS waiting room and outside the office of the Director of Psychological Counseling. In addition, the Substance Abuse Program for Students (718-270-4545) can be a valuable resource in many situations.