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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medicine

Although students may consult with any private physician directly, the SHS provides, at no charge, ambulatory primary medical care to matriculated students for most illnesses. Female students will be referred to the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology for routine gynecologic care. When in the judgment of a physician in the SHS a diagnostic evaluation of the student's health becomes necessary, an exam will be carried out in the SHS and/or referral will be made to consultant(s) in the University Hospital of Brooklyn (UHB) or elsewhere. Billing will be done by the outside physicians.

Routine and specialized diagnostic tests may be ordered through the SHS and/or consultant and will be billed through the hospital or outside labs. Confidential HIV testing and counseling is available to students at their request and without charge. Medications, when prescribed, must be obtained at an outside pharmacy and are to be paid for by the student.