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Purpose and Functions

It is well recognized that students' academic performance is affected by their physical and mental health. Thus, students are advised to consult a physician at the SHS when there is any indication of failing health or inability to perform academically. At the same time, faculty members are encouraged to refer to the SHS any student who appears to be functioning poorly because of poor physical or mental health.

The SHS makes available to matriculated Downstate Health Sciences University students preventive, therapeutic, and consultative medical care. The care provided by the SHS does not include private MD fees, psychiatric care (other than an initial evaluation and counseling by an on-campus psychologist), hospitalization, medications, dental care, laboratory or other diagnostic testing fees. Students are required to purchase a health insurance policy and may choose the one offered by the school or provide documentation of equivalent or better coverage from an outside source. Students in the School of Graduate Studies who are covered by the SUNY Graduate Student Employee Health Plan may come to the SHS for primary care and referral to network physicians. If graduate students do not choose to purchase the SUNY Graduate Student Employee Health Plan, they will be required to obtain alternative equivalent coverage.

It is not the policy of the SHS to interfere with care rendered by the students' personal physicians. However, it is to the students' advantage to make known to the SHS any illness or absence due to illness. While details of illnesses are strictly confidential, if the student requests and gives written permission, information can be released to designated members of the Colleges' academic administration.