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American Medical Women's Association

Historically women have been underrepresented in medicine. The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) was originally established to advocate women in the medical professions; promote equality in academia and the workplace, and a greater awareness of women’s health issues.

AMWA is open to all COM students.

AMWA holds many discussion panels and seminars on a variety of subjects ranging from career choices to self-defense tactics. Other seminars sponsored by AMWA include contraception, handling harassment in the workplace, smoking, cancer, and stress management. AMWA also holds study breaks for students throughout the year. AMWA is also involved in fund-raising activities. Profits from AMWA's annual Valentines Day flower sale have been donated to the Jennifer Timbrook Memorial Fund since its inception. AMWA is also concerned with equality in education. Each year AMWA awards a deserving faculty member The Gender Equality Award for his or her demonstration of equality in the treatment of students and content of the course material taught. Furthermore, AMWA encourages women faculty members be involved with interviews and displays during Women’s History Month.

The national AMWA organization holds an annual conference consisting of women physicians and students from all over the United States. It is a great opportunity to meet mentors and colleagues. The national AMWA organization also offers scholarships and loans to deserving female applicants.

SUNY Downstate's chapter networks with other AMWA chapters from medical schools in the area. There are dinners, lectures, and an annual get together. Faculty advisors are also available to AMWA members for guidance and direction.

Furthermore, fellow AMWA members are available to offer advice on book buying, study skills and various survival techniques necessary for Med. school life. The Brooklyn Chapter also sponsors a breakfast program for all incoming applicants. Women who have been asked to interview at SUNY Downstate can meet with AMWA members to ask questions and allay any fears prior to their interview at SUNY Downstate.