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College of Medicine Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is a committee of the Faculty Organization. It consists of 20 faculty and student members. The faculty represents the basic and clinical sciences and there are 2 elected student representatives (one voting and one alternate) from each medical school class.

The committee's responsibilities are to advise the Dean on changes in the medical school curriculum. As an elected student member, you participate in a process which allows you to present the opinions of your class in a forum set up to evaluate the quality of your medical school education.

Each year, two 1st year students are selected to sit on the committee; one is the voting representative of their Class, the other, an alternate. These students will sit on the committee for four years. Every four years a new chairman is appointed to the committee. Every two years new faculty from varying departments are appointed to sit on the committee so that it evolves over a student's incumbency period.

If you are interested or want further information please utilize our mailbox at the Student Center, Box #3041.