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Medical Student Council (Med Council)

The purpose of the Medical Student Council is to promote the interest and welfare of the students of the College of Medicine. There are 24 members on the council, six from each class. These representatives attend monthly meetings of the medical  council, oversee the class budget and coordinate recreational, educational and fundraising events for the class. The medical council also works to improve the welfare of the students, and any concerns about the College of Medicine or suggestions for its future should be brought to the attention of its members. Four of the 24 members are elected to serve on the executive board of the Greater Medical Council. 

Each class elects six students to represent the class, with one class president, a class secretary, a class treasurer, an SLC liaison and two vice presidents. The first year class elects six students at the beginning of the first year for a short term. In January, there is a second election where the first year class will elect the six students who will remain on medical council for the remainder of their time at Downstate.

Medical Council meetings are open to all COM students. Medical council meetings are usually  held on Thursdays at 6:00pm in the Student Center Main Lounge. Please keep an eye out for emails about when the next medical council meeting will be held.


Greater Medical Council Executive Board

Name Year Title Email
Jordana Schmidt-Swartz MS4 President
Rabani Bharara MS3 Vice President
Aaron Huang MS2 Secretary
Alice Herchek MS2 Treasurer


Below you can find the name, title and email for each member of your class’s medical council. 

COM 2020

Name Title Email
Antonios Dimopoulos President
Jordana Schmidt-Swartz Secretary
Pratik Chandra Treasurer
Sarah Galle SLC Liaison
Krystal Ealy Vice President
Boey Li Vice President


Name Title Email
Jonathan Leong President
Sejal Shah Secretary
Adriana Kavoussi Treasurer
David Choueka SLC Liaison
Rabani Bharara Vice President
Marine Coste Vice President


Name Title Email
Kingsley Cruickshank President
Aaron Conway Secretary
Alice Herchek Treasurer
Elaine Fletcher SLC Liaison
Alfonso Caetta Vice President
Aaron Huang Vice President


Name Title Email
Ian wintrhop President N/A
Ali Greenberg Secretary N/A
Jack Nasar Treasurer N/A
Alana Engelbrecht SLC Liaison N/A
Srishty Amarnani Vice President N/A
Daniel Kwon Vice President N/A